Editing Services

Note from Annie: I’ll be taking a break from editing projects from April 2019—Sept 2019. But if you’d like to schedule an editing job for the fall, please get in touch.

When Annie is not writing or teaching (or walking the dog), she works as a freelance editor and writing coach. She works with clients remotely over the phone/skype, and is also available for in-person consultations in both Providence RI and Boston. She'd love to help with your next writing project! 

Available services include:

  • Novel manuscript review

  • Story collection editing

  • Short story editing

  • General writing coaching (from where to start to how to keep going)

  • Submission assistance to literary magazines

  • Query letter editing

  • MFA application guidance (includes application advice, editing of the statement of purpose and manuscript review)

Want to get started? Have a question? Contact Annie using the form below: 

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